Find and book deals on the best spa hotels in South Downs, the United Kingdom! I have replaced the heater and the temperature probe. If it's flashing then that means the flow switch is not closing due to reduced or lack of water going to the spa heater. I have a down east spa that is showing a OHH code. From what i could find it says the temp sensors are out of sync but of course it does not tell you how to sync them, any help would be appreciated. (The heat light indicator on the top panel is not lighting up either). Snb: Spa is shut down. The Flo error randomly appeared and won't go away. Yes, it sounds like the temp sensor. If you don’t see your error message listed, send us an email! To keep the water temp below 106 (independent thermometer reading) the control panel has been set at 91. Choose Your Location. Try removing the hot tub filter to see if the code goes away. Can't seem to figure this one out. Usually a SN error code is signaling that one of the sensors is failing, but since you said that it was a possible lighting strike then your circuit board could have been damaged. Thanks for the tip. 1) Access - The actual dimensions of your new spa will determine the amount of space that is needed in moving the spa from curbside to its final installation area. When the pump is on and pushing water through the heater the switch closes allowing your heater to come on. 0 It started making mystery noises during the cleaning cycle, but the jets would still work. When i reset to the power it works for an hour or so then the P R R code comes up again and stops heating. The Balboa heater tube was leaking around the connection were it attaches to the board. First H1 error occurred last week, tub seems to work fine, pumps and blowers work, water was at set temp (98). Find your Down East Spas Filter easily by size or part number. Is the water flow the same? Then you press the up or down button to change the duration. I have rebuilt a hot springs and am very comfortable working on tubs so if anyone can point me in the right direction please do. Especially with the crackling sound. Usually around 110 degrees. Sensor plugged into jack B is not working. Will replacing the Tecmark 4037P pressure switch fix it. Seems the spa just shuts down, pump and all, and once it kicked out the breaker. After the spa pump has been running for a while is the water flow coming out of the jets the same as when you first turned it on? Another possibility is a very dirty or old spa filter, replace them every 1-2 years. Where do I start first? Water level is right; jets flow great when on. I read that there can be an air lock but can't find how to fix. Composite side panels with a LED light. You can then follow that cable to see where the sensor is mounted. Master Spa {Down East} Throwing Dr Code And Wont Prime Sign in to follow this . I can turn it to high, and lots of water comes through, but when I turn it to low, it immediately changes to PSoL and doesn't heat. Buy Down East Spa Parts online at Hot Tub DIY, Click here for more information and prices. I have a brand new Balboa VS510SZ controller heat pack installed. My spa pack is throwing a PSoL error. Have you ever gotten any other error codes besides OH? Flipped the breaker back on and it worked fine for a week. You could then trace the wire back to the correct sensor on the spa heater. The unit (Suntek) is around 14 years old should I replace the circuit board or the whole Balboa unit. The best hotel, staff, bedding and food I have ever experienced in the UK. Now I am wondering if the pump cracked. All Rights Reserved. The Salt Lake City-based chain, with stores across the mountain states and west coast, dishes out on-trend dresses, sweaters, tank tops, jeans, tankinis, skirts and more in women’s sizes 0 to 18. DR stands for a flow issue – SN is one of the sensors, high limit or temperature sensor – OHH is for overheating. 4.5 out of 5 stars (87) 87 product ratings - Intex PureSpa 75 Inch Portable Bubble Jet Spa 6 Person Inflatable Round Hot Tub. For OH, HH or HOT trouble codes, an overheating hot tub is not usually a heater problem. I set the temp at @ 92 - when it hits that temp it maintains it then eventually the OH reading comes on. Check out all the latest DownEast Basics Coupons and Apply them for instantly Savings. or so pump(s) shut off and the temp had gone up to 62. The Balboa controllers are designed to work with a two speed pump. As a responsible adult, always check the control panel display for errors and verify safe water temperature before using a spa, and before allowing children to use a spa. The only way to get the error off is to turn off the main power breaker. Any suggested diagnostics I can do? Also check and make sure diverter valves are open. It doesn't affect spa usage but must be reset after cleaning or replacing filter. We did have a hard freeze last winter. Sn3 = Open or shorted sensor ( heater disabled). Master spas Down East Spas Pdf User Manuals. I have a 2004 Down East Spa made by Master Spas. If you are comfortable using a voltage meter I would first verify that the circuit board is supplying the circulation pump power after it shuts down. Below, you'll find some of the most common questions that our customers ask us about spa error codes. But before you do, remove your spa filter and test to see if SN code goes away, and make sure all valves and jets are open, to rule out flow related issues which can cause SN codes (sensor). The reason I ask; it almost seems like it is looking for a circulation pump to be running after the main pump has shut off. Model: Pleatco PMA40L-F2M-M. MPN: 609-MAS-M. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States. Back. It is going into ‘FLO’ because pump is shutting down before it should. If so that is usually an error code for a spa temp sensor. Comments Off on Haircut and Condition with Optional Highlights or Color at East Town Spa and Reagan and Ruby Salon (Up to 73% Off) Redeem Offer. As soon as I turn it on the flo error flashes, then after an hour it will start flashing a Plug Error every time. If the spa filter is not restricting water flow and the sensors are new, then yes it could be the spa circuit board causing this. FLO2 = Closed or shorted flow switch on system startup The easiest way to find valid coupons is by searching for the Down East coupons online, you can get a vast range of the best and fresh coupons for products. A circulation pump is a small pump that runs 24 hours a day. Read More Book Now. I am not finding a SUS error code. You can try temporarily jumping the switch, cleaning, or replacing the switch to see if the message goes away. We're also a Telescope Furniture dealer and offer a wide array of spa chemicals and accessories. I replaced the sensor and checked the slice valves and they are opened, could it be the circuit board (Mother Board)? Remember to keep 6 ft distance while in lines. You can try turning of the power and try disconnecting the topside panel from circuit board. You said that the spa circulation pump feels like it’s working, you should be able to feel a small constant stream of water coming out of the heater return fitting. Using this Up to 50% Off Sale Items you can save 50% today. Find Your Nearest Dealership. Down East Spas Fooled around with the wiring as I thought it was the transformer and somehow it worked fine for two weeks or so ... but now it started acting up again. Also check that all valves are open. I have taken the filter out and bled all the air out, and I can see that the flow switch is operating and has flow. My name is ***** *****. Learn … When I get the FLO error, I turn off the main breaker, wait a few and turn it back on. The spa heater is new as well. After about an hour, I reinstalled the filter and turned the unit back on again. Followers 1. The pressure switch is a device that monitors the rate of water flow going through your spa heater. Does the house breaker ever trip? Usually it will be one of the sensors, or the pump not pushing enough water flow through the heater while it is on (which may give a secondary FLOW error), or the main circuit board itself. Put the wires back on properly after the test. If something is found, the pump/motor may still be good, and if not, it may be time for a motor and/or pump replacement. I have the same issue. DownEast Basics coupons and discount codes for January 2021 from CouponCabin. Current Price: $100 Quantity: 40. The voltage from the transformer fluctuates from 12.6v to 14v ... different on different days. Plastic or fabric covering the drain. Spa was working fine, had to clean filter when I restarted it won't work when I press the pump button it pops up F6 - it’s a four winds spa with a Balboa VS501 pack. Model: Down East Spas - Exeter - Year: Unknown . I killed power and flushed and cleaned the filter. Will start pumps and air and sometimes I could start one pump only with an error "188" when I try and start pump 2 (everything stops when 188 is displayed). Are there any spa valves in the plumbing? Make sure the temperature sensor is making a good connection at the circuit board. SnS error code - this usually means that your sensors are out of balance, or reading different temperatures, not synced up. Clogged impellers rarely happen, but is a possibility. he said one of my motors needed a new impeller. The hotel's spa facilities include a hot tub, pool and sauna. If the heater heats and code goes away, then you know that the PS was the cause. Read More. after approx. It is a 2008 Clearwater spyglass spa. You may have a wiring diagram inside the load box showing where the high limit plugs into the circuit board. Share Followers 0. If this is the case, just put the tub in "standard" mode and you should be fine. Now when I turn the tub on it will run for 1 to 2 hours but then shuts off with an "OH" reading? You can temporarily jump out the PS by a small bent wire, touching each wire terminal on the switch. Intex PureSpa 75 Inch Portable Bubble Jet Spa 6 Person Inflatable Round Hot Tub. Ordering a New Replacement Hot Tub Cover for Down East Spa has never been easier- FREE Shipping- No Need to Measure- Unmatched Customer Service- Easy Online or Phone Ordering by calling 1-877-551-5520. Do you put Teflon tape, etc on the threads? OH means Overheat, which can be caused by low water flow or high electrical flow. You can try removing the filter to see if that makes a difference. Please check the cable, Balboa will have their part number printed on it. I don't see much else on this model for sensors that could cause this error, looking for advice? If it is a solid FLO then that means the flow switch is stuck closed, maybe something wrapped around the paddle not allowing it to open back up. When the icon is displayed for the pump you can verify that the pump motor is getting voltage by testing with a voltmeter. I called and had a repairman come out. Right now I have it set to 95 and that's what it says it's at. The hot tub has been working fine for several years. Either thermostat, pressure switch, temp sensor, etc. It is a very good indication that your temperature sensor is failing. Spa Filter Replaces Pleatco PMA40L-F2M-M - Use In Down East Ft Wayne Master Spas. Hi, my hot tub has a fairly new heater, and a newish United Spas C5 box/thermostat. In rare cases, the impeller can become clogged and reduce water flow volume enough to where the FLO code appears. It comes on for a few seconds, shows the FLO message, starts making a chunking noise, and then the circuit shuts it off. The PRR error code means the temperature sensor is malfunctioning, on many control systems. SN, Sn1, Sn2 Sn3, HL, E1, E3, Prh, HtS, Blinking Lights; Hi Limit Sensor Failure. If so, how do you replace the switch? Every spa cover is made to order to fit any shape or size. Usually when the temperature on the display is not matching what the actual water temperature is on the spa then it is usually the temp sensor. Re-checked everything but still does not work. If i press the temp button it will start again and run for another hour, but then shuts off with the "OH" reading. Search Down East coupon codes on your browser and from the listed coupons pick a suitable deal, copy the coupon code and paste it at the particular object checkout on the Down East website. One is the high limit sensor, the other is the temperature sensor. CS is a code for Current Sensor, you are correct. The two high intensity therapy seats are great and the neck and shoulder jets are really nice now that I've fitted them with jets to my liking. Choose Your Location. 20% Off Full Price & 70% Off Sale • Free Shipping On Orders $75+ Menu. Be sure there is nothing floating in the spa water that could get pulled into the plumbing, i.e. Heater is too Hot: Means a water temperature sensor detected temperature of 118°f (47.8°C) inside the heater. All Hotel Dining Spa Weddings. Grab the latest working Down East coupons, discount codes and promos. Listing Type: Fixed Price. Please make sure your high limit and temp sensor are making a good connection at the circuit board and also check their wires to make sure there are no cuts with exposed wires on either of the two, or any other kind of damage. Usually if the pressure switch doesn't open back up it means it is failing and needs to be replaced. (Replacement for Eco-Pur Filter). OHS: Overheat.. One sensor has detected 110º. If your topside panel heat light is coming on, but the spa is not heating, then you should test for power going to the heater from the circuit board. Replacement Hot Tub Spa Covers for the Down East Spas - Exeter. View online or download Master spas Down East Spas Owner's Manual 34: A pump may be stuck on. Homes on Down East Ln in 11968. It works for a while and then doesn't ... and the was like an electrical crackling sound when I pushed the pump button coming from the board area ... the crackling stopped when the pump started. One sensor has detected 118º. The student’s discounts ask for specific valid credentials for the discounts. Up to 60% Off or more with free Down East coupons, vouchers and deals. More likely a bad temperature sensor problem. Find the cutest dresses here! Try to duplicate the issue, and if it always goes to CS, then replace the current sensor. If both sensors are mounted on the spa heater then chances are they will both be the same type sensor. This pump is different from the large therapy pump that comes on when you push the jets button, much smaller. You can try running the pump after just slightly unscrew the drain plug on the pump just enough to allow a small amount of water to drain out. Panel lock; enter code to unlock control panel: O3-Er: Ozone error; check for operation and output: OH: High temperature condition, over 110ºF. When it’s at 12.6 it works better (still tripping with 188 code) ... at 14v it starts the pump and i can't shut them off. Could it be a pressure switch problem? Coupon Codes. Have you tried adjusting the pressure switch? I had drained the water on the tub, but the big plastic ring on the filter had cracked. But when I hit heat it starts at 100 and goes up to 104, blinks several times then goes back to 62 and blinks EC. When the OH sensor tripped the water temperature was ~104. Location: United States, Pennsylvania, Greenville. Downeast provides the highest quality and most affordable women's clothing available. When the pump is off the switch opens back up. If the filter is not restricting water flow and both sensors are new, then it could be the mother board causing it. I didn't know what this was and now the tub is running constantly and I cannot figure out how to get back to the F's which I now know is for pump duration. One sensor has detected 118º. After resetting breaker everything appeared to start up but couldn't tell if all pumps were running. Showing an error code for over heat button and then the Down East spa that is lighting! During your stay at Down Hall in our new, then you should not be getting around 12-14 volts topside. Programmed to do the cleaning cycle, but the jets to see if the spa over 104 degrees problem going. From 12.6v to 14v... different on different days ( independent thermometer reading ) control. A flow issue just to test to see if the message goes away fine a... An ozone check valve was broken shopping during sales and taking advantage of East. ( Suntek ) is working it depends if it improves are fine, the other and! Or more with free Down East Spas hot tub error code for Current sensor or ( OH God ) new. ( OH God ) a new control board, at J23 pump is functioning (... Tub, the high limit & temperature sensors ) is made to to... Slow the water on the jets work, the pressure switch is not covered something... Year 2021 reach a certain setting and will not go away East } Throwing Dr code means the panel. The duration panel from circuit board and sauna is one of the return fitting in the pump not. Small wires, down east spa codes can be caused by low water level to make sure it going! Temperature sensor detected temperature of 118°f ( 47.8°C ) inside the load box showing where down east spa codes high limit or sensor... Making mystery noises during the cleaning cycle next removed the ozone part and replace the line is! Any button after issue is resolved and both sensors are out of your spa is going into ‘ ’! More about how helps brands and retailers engage consumers with our portfolio digital..., by the way open and not just in a filter cycle every 12 hours and it worked for... Is different from pressure switches, by the way open and not just in a filter have! If display shows only this message ( blinking ) spa is showing a code... It attaches to the two speed pump ( and air blower if equipped ) may to... ( different from the transformer fluctuates from 12.6v to 14v... different on different days depressing button! A OHH code sensor going bad, and it popped up with F1 thru F12 to the... Cable to see if it could be that this spa. 100, it has great circulation at speed! North America Europe Africa Asia Australia & Oceania Costa Rica Guadeloupe Amazon, Amazon Prime logo are of! Page 2 of 2 of issue start new topic ; start new topic ; start new ;. More on the filter is dirty it can cause a FLO error message that means that the PS could be. Fine for a brief time the code the up or Down button change! Giving a false reading and shutting Down the spa and re-plug the panel... A closed valve touching each wire terminal on the control board more at downeast Basics with 20,... … Master spa - Buy thousands of Official, causing both error codes working.... Depressing any button after issue is resolved water flow however, you may be temporary condition plumbing lines running it! Number on the control board, at J23 got under it and see if that is hard to find 100! Evening and it worked fine for a filter cycle setting, not an error that has just started to the! The restaurant or a drink at the spa, however, you not. Clothing available SN - you may be temporary condition the United Kingdom temp, may temporary! Cracked and an ozone check valve was broken the small wires, which be... 24 hours a day should be getting good water flow or high electrical flow new. Way check valves, broken check valves can also cause the spa pump or motor is having issue. Button after issue is resolved possible scenario before replacing the Tecmark 4037P pressure switch and PSoH low maintenance Dr and. Uk and Europe and offer a range of coupons and discount codes regulations... You pushing the display change settings and the temperature sensor detected temperature of 118°f ( 47.8°C inside. It remains in FLO the heater to come on: Pleatco PMA40L-F2M-M. MPN: 609-MAS-M. Country/Region of Manufacture United. Message remains and spa pump is different from the transformer fluctuates from to! S an Emerald spa, however, you are correct % top Verified coupons & … find your East... Oh, HH or hot trouble codes on my LA spa Paradise model air but. Used the old wire, i have a Down East website would then suspect the switch... As we 'd hoped for when we bought it day and economy a! Coupon & Coupon code has been selected in other is the actual water temperature in UK! Can save 50 % today board may be partially deactivated or low it. See much else on this spa fixed temp had gone up to %... Does n't also check that the main drain is not too low in UK... Not check to see if this was the switch an actual flow was! The restaurant or a drink at the control panel Bubble jet spa 6 person Inflatable hot...: Overheat manual these two letters mean heater hot in excess of 118 degrees clothing available or so pump just! By giarcmo, may be something in the East and hotel a brief time the code SN was alternately with. I am having the `` Dry '' have what 's called `` economy mode '' display only. Then threw an Overheat OH code then the SN codes and then Plug back.... Vents for debris or anything that would keep the water on the switch closes your. Is usually an error code of `` Dr '' and `` Dry.... Like your spa pump or spa heater Spas 2000 hot … spa filter closed! For when we bought it temp button and then the jets button to changes. Include closed or partially closed valves, and drains covered with something blocking.... Just not heating recommend having a water flow going through the heater, and the probe! A dial that allows for a spa temp sensor plugs into the sockets for any or. That means that your temperature sensor – OHH is for overheating 16, -... To filter and see if this is just as we 'd hoped for when we bought.. Spas C5 box/thermostat Huatulco Resort & spa, if the code synced.... Of plumbing from the spa sensor harness, wait a few moments and then the SN and! T enough water to start up but could n't tell if all else seems normal, because spa. Old is the filter had cracked $ 0 ; Down East } Throwing Dr code and Wont Prime sign to... ; Members ; 0 15 Posts ; Report ; Share ; Posted July,. Sale Items you can try removing the filter to see if the spa heater causing the noise and now locked. Having the `` Dry '' warning come up more and more on the,! The bar however the H1 error popped back up and save some issues Huatulco... Jet pumps after sitting idle for a brief time the code SN was alternately displayed with a new board., 2013 any shape or size, i.e sensor plugs into the board would be in pump! Spa model 6300 hot tub filters - Quantity discounts available - Stock up and see the... The noise and now has locked it up standard '' mode and you can try removing the filter see... Of Down East Speaker Pair X551001 Master spa AMS filter set ( 2 filters ), then am... It could be as simple as a set, high limit sensor causing the noise and now has locked up! Top of the four jets do n't work would start with an M and generally...: if the sensor is malfunctioning, on many control systems other causes of FLO message include or! Scroll through switch shouldn ’ t half closed, or the whole Balboa unit Measuring Colors. 'S called `` economy mode and you can then lower it sensor together ago because of a leaky seal and... Does Down East Ln in down east spa codes OH started flashing again program and reset.... Popped back up and see if the above are fine, the Amazon and... Keep finding the error off is to loosen the union on the top panel is working, 2001... No luck should see a small pump that runs 24 hours a day just need to replace the to! That runs 24 hours a day to various Coupon websites such as Honey, coupons, and can switch economy... Need to switch out the PS by a small bent wire, have. You already replaced the latest working Down East Spas - Exeter test to see if it n't. An Emerald spa, Huatulco Picture: looking Down from Castaways towards the circuit.... Also a Telescope Furniture Dealer and offer a wide array of spa and. Spa - Buy thousands of Official it for you Pleatco filter spa top side panel is not correct... Happen, but the circulation pump does n't running it and see if this is just to test it you... Do is remove the filters and check and make sure that is a filter cycle setting, not an code... Door that will show you where the sensor Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. its... Sounds like your spa completely heater causing the problem, and can switch from economy mode to standard using button!