Seymour. However, currently there are so many mono colour decks that Barbariccia just isn’t finding her mark very often, this is due to the +1,000 power backups putting the forwards out of reach for Barbariccia + Cactuar. Dadaluma won the game in the end, he was placed onto a board with 2 Cactuar and cleaned up the remaining forwards in their deck. Xande does come with more upside than just massive, he helps some of the smaller burn cards find targets. T1 Penelo add Vaan (1-063). Entrez dans la légende ! Fusoya was exceptional. So despite being a step in the wrong direction I actually learnt a lot this time round. Zidane, very good card. Gullwings and Raptor allow the colour to have some meat in the common slot. Noctis will be able to pick up summons once they’re printed. Miounne, definitely not a 3 of card. 30 is an extremely high number. No entry effect is simply too slow for this deck. It did feel rather weak though, often times Al-Cid + Illua was good enough (in conjunction with other cards) so a list fewer Al-Cid parts is a consideration. So instead I’ve got a deck where most of the backups wear really cool hats. Any hand with Mog (XIII-2) is playable. It only really exists in the deck because it is an FFTA2 card. The matchup is simple, play Dadaluma and remove their field until time ends. -3 Leo, Leo as neat as it is, was not needed for the multi coloured effect. In one booster box and one prerelease kit, I opened three Ursula. Stampiamo fftcg adesivi di altissima qualità su l'internet. Barbariccia, as Black Waltz 2 was dropped, I dropped her again. Urianger. Round 2 - Mono Ice. A lot of the Al-Cid parts lose their value without Barbariccia in the deck. Overall, the deck is feeling a lot smoother, this iteration is large step in the right direction. Legit, drew nothing all game and eventually died. The Fire cards give rise to the risk of damaging consistency, and detract from a more traditional Ice game plan as Fire cards do not come with the text Dull (with the exception of Tifa), Freeze and Discard. Cid (II), the draft is just starting so you can adjust, Geomancer, you have almost no ways of handling Paul. Normally at this point of the week I’d have a locals report, filled with how my terrible choices have led me to failure on a weekly basis. Losing out on 2 Firions and the 3 CP Fire Backups (Irvine, Black Waltz 2) really hurts the consistency at clearing out early forwards. However, Asura was a fine addition. Although likely as a one of and not as a 2 of. Last week I didn’t do a locals report, so I’ll do a quick one now as this is a very short piece. You don’t really want to cast this card, so it’s slow could go to more removal (Ramuh for example). Deck Case and Deck Box Cosplay Blog Post Thailand Online Square Enix Collectible Products. The deck relies on an Earth/Wind core to help facilitate color fixing (very important) and give the deck the breathing room to set up. There was a hard moment in the game, whereby I could either play Adelle + Archer and use Cactuar on a Viking to deal 2 damage with Illua + Adelle putting him to 5 damage, or make a more conservative play in just playing Adelle and pushing him to 4 (assuming the Viking blocks) or play Archer + Diabolos and remove his Adelle + Viking and push him to 4. However, as Black Waltz 2 got the axe so did she. So I opted for the more aggressive route. Is there really that much difference in 15, 16 or 17 backups? For example, taking a Lebreau from a mono Fire player instead of a Vivi, as the Lebreau take gives the Fire player a better play for the next turn (killing Zidane), however, the Lebreau miss might be more damaging if it takes them a while to draw into another copy. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. However, I am blurring the lines between the different Wind/Lightning archetypes quite a bit at this point. My absolute favorite element combination in FFTCG. Y'shtola from Opus V for . Bartz, another forward with haste. The board slowly slipped away in his favour and my attempts at swinging it back to even were met with answers. I’m a bit hesitant to cut her from the deck, because I might be taking the effect for granted, much like I was with Zidane. Try not to leave your cards open to removal/trade them off. I also printed deck lists off ahead of time and double checked the decks and lists, this way signing up at the tournament was a breeze. Too frequently did my hand consist of Orlandeau/Diabolos/Ramuh + Barbariccia. Stupid deck cannot lose to Ice/Fire. Alphinaud transformed into a Forward in the FFTCG too. The effect is not so game breaking or flexible that I would want multiples of her. 4 Ice backups and Orphan itself. The pressure put him to 6 damage by the time he had managed the remove the pressure squad from the board. Hecaton is life. Serah fetches Hurdy, then next turn the player can play Hurdy + Montblanc. H = 4. Goblin, I’m not actually sure why Goblin is in the deck. As such, he got removed to make way for more aggressive forwards. Twirls mustache. Zidane with brave, no outs. In my first locals over at Good Games Burwood, with an unchanged starter deck, I went 0-4. Not just because she is an FFTA2 to replace a Ravager that was leaving, but also because the deck lacked finishing power. Starting hand was 6, finishing hand is 1 + 3 backups, so only 2 cards are lost = 4 CP. Livraison suivie en Colissimo. sidequest: monks. The key part of that game was my Nidhogg removing a Nidhogg from his field and his hand. Instead of the usual 2 CP, Echo untap draw, 3 CP, it is now possible to go Echo, check top and draw, Miounne return Echo, Echo untap draw and 3 CP backup. Wind has some of the strongest support cards in the set, and has Lezaford and Gullwings to help facilitate using the colour as a primary colour. In any case it's pretty clear that Minfilia is a major component of Scion decks, being their primary searcher and helping to get your Ydas and Earth Y'shtolas online. It can be converted into a decent tournament deck with only a few tweaks/singles. 4.9K likes. Hecaton is the best card. As such she’s likely to be a 1 of in the final list, but I will try a list without her just to see how much I end up missing her. The Flow of the Game 8.2.1. Bartz, after being a letdown in this deck was an easy cut. This week introduced a league system at Dark Sphere. This card came in at the suggestion of one of my friends I met at Milan. The point of having such a large burn roster is to clear the way for your forwards. -If at any point you had the most Scions, or Standard Units, YRP combo etc, you would call over a judge and they would record the biggest amount in that category. Don’t be scared to play off of 1-2 for a while, with Illua and Zidane as high quality drops off of 1 backup, then Amon and Zemus as quality plays off of 2. Essentially a modified version of my Winter Cup Milan deck (which is a modified version of a deck Harigai used in a Masters tournament a while ago). This guide is not as in depth as my usual ones are, in terms of raw analysis, however, I’ve tried to cover more specifics. H = 2. Vaan was very strong today so I’m looking forward to at least playing more copies of Vaan (1-063) and Y’shtola together. It’s relatively easy to establish forwards early and deal 3-5 damage. Change ). I actually did not realise I had 30 until writing this. The real bonus Reks has is that he’s a Wind FFXII forward for Gramis to fetch for CP that has potential to be a good card. -3 Phoenix, +1 Hecatoncheir, +2 WoL/Phoenix. If Zidane never dulls, then none of their summons can remove him. ( Log Out /  Not much to say really, the poor guy was stuck on backups early game, meanwhile I powered ahead with the FFTA2 cards. It’s just a super powerful card. –Generated By FF Decks (–. The deck has always done pretty well and pressured opponents heavily. I want to apply this with Urianger to bring Leyak back and unlock more of Diabolos’ hidden potential. This time round as my teammate Jamie took Earth Wind, and Rob has a strong preference towards Water/Ice I was left with Fire and Lightning as my elements. Ramuh was missed a bit, so will likely be making a return once I figure out what to do with all the cards that require other cards to deal damage. If the player has any of those as followup to punish the Serah being able to attack, then suddenly you are a turn ahead of where you should be and as such ready to start snowballing board position. The card wasn’t missed. So until Urianger makes his return to the deck, I don’t think Phoenix deserves a spot. The Moogle is only really helpful while already winning as attacking in this deck is an oddity. The card definitely over performed and I’m very glad I made the last minute swap to include 3 of him. Rarity: Legend Number: 5-068L Description: Y'shtola doesn't receive any damage from Summons or abilities. Selphie, again being at 1 is a problem, Zell is just too important. They have always been a darling of Swiss, but lose really hard to certain decks and don’t often threaten to win after top cuts. TL;DR Echo + Cid of Clan Gully + 2 CP Backup is good. On it’s own though, useless. Hidden Fates. Diabolos picking up 2 for 1s and Chaos, Walker of the Wheel forcing unfavourable forwards to be played. Olive Hill, KY 41164 Tel: 606-207-3315. +1 Vaan, +1 Y’shtola, +1 Reks, +1 Miounne, +1 Nono. In this version, I’m trying out a different Light card to Fusoya and shuffling around some of the backup numbers a bit. I got 5 backups, Leo and Gilgamesh then removed every forward. Zidane actually provides a lot of defence by taking away hugely problematic cards that I had started to take for granted. Turns out when a deck plays Dadaluma, Delita, Y’shtola, Kam’Lanaught Lightning/Wind ends up struggling to remove them all. The next challenge was which card to keep in hand at the end, Diabolos or Miounne. It did exactly that, and the times they did have forwards to play removing the additional forwards was child’s play, it’s the perfect fatigue card. Not to say that this list was weak though, as it was the deck was putting out strong performances and with easy edits to make having Vaan and Reks is definately a strong duo. As such I’ve elected to cut the number of Barbariccia’s down to 1 with the intention of probably removing her from the deck if Black Waltz bites the dust. 3970 State Highway 986. H = 6 discard 2 play Echo draw, H = 4 discard play Miounne return Echo and draw, H = 4 at this point it is the same as the previous example from the H = 4 point onwards. 99. Also really strong in the mirror, I can’t stress enough how annoying it is to lose a Dadaluma to the banished zone instead of the break zone. Then work from there on what you dislike. Overall the deck did well. Warrior of Light, you don’t have many huge forwards. This actually lets the player filter the deck by 3 additional cards (assuming the Echo puts the card on the bottom, if Echo is not putting the card to the bottom then it means that the 3 CP backup has been found). Moogle (XI), a lot of self filtering towards the cards needed each turn to support Zidane was used today. If Earth/Wind is playing Chaos Cid Rains should be played. I was testing this list out last night, Feels really good: See more ideas about final fantasy, fantasy, finals. The 2 Asura were actually meant to be additional copies of Cecil to help vs Ice, however, I couldn’t get hold of any additional copies of Cecil. Having a full lineup of scion backups makes Y’shtola and Yda a lot more reliable, and the Warriors of Darkness play really well with them too, if you resolve Alba with your hasty scions on the field it’s game over! If you are trading off your forwards, then burning their forwards, what’s the point of the burn? As his deck did not play Kefka or Nidhogg and 2 Clouds of Darkness had been expired, there was a significant lack of ways to push the WoL off of the field. Vivid Voltage. Well worth the slot. What he finds is the same as Noctis’ cost. -3 Phoenix, without Leyak it was nearly impossible to cast the card nicely. Kimahri said Earth/Wind not dead, when stake high player always go degenerate. Garbage. This is the list I feel most confident using Serah in, that is not a 3+ colour deck. Super high value pickup. In the event of nothing sticking, this is the point in the game whereby Cid Raines and the summons are needed to start pulling weight. Regular price 900.00 THB 400.00 THB Sale. A reader reviews the latest core set for FFTCG and finds that Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith is one of the most powerful cards ever made. +2 WoL, as I wasn’t doing enough Zidane stuff before, WoL came back in to help facilitate Zidane stuff. Sabin is the only super high value end game forward. ( Log Out /  I’ll need to focus in on improving the Archetypes separately instead of jumping between them. Another Vaan came down at some point, but it was a losing game for him from the moment Vaan was able to develop Cid of Clan Gully, Luso and kill a forward all in the same turn. Players can have more than three copies of the same card in their deck. Any opening hand of 1 backup + Illua/Zidane should be an easy keep (assuming the backup isn’t a burn backup). By keeping down an attacker, then attacking herself and weakening the forward she froze last turn to the point that Cid Raines/Glasya can pick off the forward will allow the player to start to put themselves back into the driver’s seat. Zidane. How this becomes premium so easily, is that to not draw Setzar/Cid Empire/Duke Larg by that point is pretty hard. Chaos, Walker of the Wheel, extra removal is always welcome. Type : Scions (Terre/Foudre) Deck : Lien. Vs Ramuh however, if I can find space for additional cards that say “deal 1,000 damage“ then Ramuh might be better. Check out what Standard Constructed decklists they brought to the tournament! They’re nice, just none of them are on the same level as cards like Kazusa, almost none of them have useful entry effects and the ones that do are Legend or Hero rarity. Filter. Final Fantasy TCG – The undefeated deck at Birmingham’s third OP tournament, by Michael Cheung Ice/Water – By Michael Cheung Deck Tech Not as catchy as the first one, but another undefeated win nonetheless! Gain 4 CP play Echo, untap the initial backup and draw a card. Deck Construction 8.1.1. Livraison dans plus de 180 pays. As pointed out during Vince’s Fire/Wind 15 deck challenge submission, Leyak allows for easy use of cards like Bahamut. Kupuj fftcg naklejki stworzone przez niezależnych artystów z całego świata. 4cp 8000 Forward-Commando-XIII TCG attract nerd. A rather large number of cards were swapped around this time, making for a far more aggressive list. New Final Fantasy TCG Decks and Cards. Very rarely did I have time to sit around doing nothing for a turn without suffering and I didn’t see a way in which she provided enough catchup to merit falling behind because of her. Having a full lineup of scion backups makes Y’shtola and Yda a lot more reliable, and the Warriors of Darkness play really well with them too, if you resolve Alba with your hasty scions on the field it’s game over! He makes for some complicated early turns, as in opus 5 Star Sibyl always got and broke itself for Kam’La, but now Moogle (XI) exists so it’s hard to always make the right call between going turbo with Moogle and getting tempo with Kam’La. Luso did miss slightly more often than usual, it feels like the number of targets I had in the deck before was a break point. I used Gilgamesh for a deck out lethal with the Haste modifier. Cyclops, was a strong inclusion. Cid Haze and Cid (II) are good in every deck making being passed premium cards for your colour hard AND in cases where you are getting premium cards they’re not much better than mediocre cards in other colours. Thief, as Archer isn’t needed, a nice easy to break Wind backup is needed. Illua is the most important forward, she’s the forward you start and end the game with. Whoops! Online Gaming Store for Cards, Miniatures, Singles, Packs & Booster Boxes Lv.1 Onion Knight shares some thoughts on Opus XII cards and raffles off a box! Miounne lets the player exchange one card in their hand for a new one for free. TL;DR pt1 pick 10 fire cards to fill the blanks and it’ll make a decent deck, A blog by yehosera about FFTCG - @yehosera. Basically just lost the more aggressive cards for more defensive ones. Other than that, just aim to get the Titan, Cactuar and Gigas. Newest Tournament Results. A real thrill of FF-TCG is how characters from various products in the Final Fantasy series appear together. Fordola’s also really good for dispatching Louisoix to free up that slot for your final scion … In general, one of the problems I used to have with Lightning/Wind was how reliant on draw RNG the deck was (seeing lightning Onion Knights before Wind Onion Knights, but not before all 3 lightning Onion Knights had been expended for example) but due to the high volume of cards Miounne lets the player see this problem is partially mitigated. Despite the printed costs of those 3 backups being 4+3+2 = 9, because of how the Echo refunds 3 CP and the 3 CP backups refund 2 CP, it actually only costs 4 CP to play 3 backups if done this way. 46 products. Raiden. Speaking of which, another thing I love about this set is that it continues with the trend of giving much-needed support to tribal decks. 30 is an extremely high number. 5 forwards simply never happened and in games that it could happen, the forwards are so fragile it’s rarely safe to attack with Bartz anyway. Really good at extending your ceiling for a turn. Essentially a modified version of my Winter Cup Milan deck (which is a modified version of a deck Harigai used in a Masters tournament a while ago). Adelle’s unblockable ability costing 0 CP with Nono actually put Adelle to the next level. Rygdea, as the deck was becoming less aggressive, Black Waltz 2 on average is a better card due to the text Dull not being as important. Zack, is really potent vs other Fire decks and Lightning decks due to his ability to play another forward onto the field once he is removed. Not sure about the card as a 2 of, but being able to protect your other cards from potential threats is strong. Pokemon GET Both Decks Ancient Origins XY7 Theme Deck Set - TCG XY Trading Card Game - 120 Cards! Semih Lafihna, Star Sibyl, Shantotto, Kam'lanaut, and Chaos give the deck a core backup progression and defensive options for early aggressive strategies. The main issues facing the colour in draft is it’s low overall power level and that it’s backups are easy pickups for people in other colours. Instrumental in the early game. Essentially the aim is to go all in with Sage + Kazusa for lots of early pressure. Overall, this deck performed well and I’m sure it’ll continue to do well. Added a Light Vaan. 8.1. Why Vaan over other Light cards? Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Returns sleeves. However, he was sorely missed and will definitely be returning as a 1 or 2 of in the future. Really has not done very much. While she is stronger than Ramuh, most of the time, Ramuh is cheap and can be played during the opponent’s turn. Due to a lack of other options, I kept being forced to play the card earlier than I wanted to, making the whole thing I enjoy about Miounne (having to wait for the right time to use it as a one-shot at swinging the board) void. Penelo, Vaan. Kunic's FFTCG Journey. After all of my previous excitement about Miounne, 3 of just kinda ruined the card. Play A Deck [Beta] Shop Merchandise. Adelle was bumped to three. I brought two decks (Earth Wind and Mono Ice) just in case something happened to one of them. Round 3 - Mono Lightning. FF7, FF9 fun watch. Don’t pick Paul when possible, it’s so easy to be prepared for him. Il n'est en aucun cas lié à Square-Enix et ne constitue donc pas une source officielle. I EX Burst her once vs Wind/Water. Newest Tournament Results. In Opus 4 Barbariccia was one of the stronger cards in the deck, allowing Cactuar to finish off most things and providing an answer to Cecil (in conjunction with Black Waltz 3/Black Mage). Nidhogg, the moment you can smell weakness, the Hogg puts them out of business. Browse all cards, decks, top8, spoilers, videos, meta analysis and more from the players themselves. Late game is after 5 backups once the game has started to settle down a bit. There is some wind CP, however, it’s mostly backups and early forwards that can provide the Wind CP cards that you do not want to discard early on for CP. FFTCG Mognet is like your virtual buddy who talks about Final Fantasy TCG all day! Synergises with Urianger AND unlocks Diabolos + Raiden potential. On 5 backups, due to the low density of backups, you should draw live every turn. The games that the deck felt especially favoured, were the games whereby I opened 2 CP backup, 3 CP backup and Echo. Whereas, with Aloeidai, it is very unlikely that they are carrying removal for it. In addition, Setzar becomes scarier the higher the damage number go so the longer you’re able to protect him the better. Chaque Deck contient 50 cartes et est prêt à l’emploi. The deck needs to go back to looking to swing the board then close out with Haste forwards, not start the game with 2 Haste forwards and hope the remaining 5 damage just sort of happens (although Fusoya did allow that to be the case some of the time). During the mid-game, it is still possible to do a delayed 3 backups turn by returning an Echo/3 CP backup and filtering the deck a lot in the process. Louisoix actually helps with doing Echo things and Alisaie has scions to give haste to. Phoenix, Leo is a good blocker and Cid Raines is an S+++ target for the card, so it’s worth trying before I write it off completely. Learn how your comment data is processed. The total cost for the two cards will be reduced to 5 CP, due to Serah refunding 3 CP. I essentially either choked in the final rounds or got blown out by a Titan EX in the events. It has been a real powerhouse, playing Cactuar from the Break Zone is fantastic, it makes me not have to worry so much about discarding them early on for CP. I even added Moogle then used the effect to add Kam’La with Sibyl instead of just instantly getting the Kam’La to help set up for a Miner top deck to be good. Shop Final Fantasy XIV Minfilia - 6-079L - Legend Non Foil Opus VI (Opys 6) Collection Singles (FFTCG Earth Scion of the Seventh Dawn). Firstly, it isn’t possible to play 5 Genesis. The card is not without it’s risks due to how useless it is during the early phases, but the pay off is better than the other Dark targets for Kam’La. ( Log Out /  The main reason is due to the threat he makes Leo become. The reality, however, is that I end up almost exclusively using this card on backups. Lastly, Belias is to help vs lots of forwards as it can break up mid-game party attacks. Legendary Duelist: Rage of Ra. Then WoL presented a huge problem for him. Round 4 - Ice/Water, Hecaton and Zidane took care of the early turns. Also, I’m finding the complexity of using Miounne at the right moment as a one-shot attempt at swinging the board is making the deck a lot more fun to play. Yo. Round 5 - Water/Ice Vikings. Cyclops. The new cards really helped with the deck, however, it feels like it’s moving very far away from the Urianger style that I enjoyed about the colours before. In the end I opted for keeping Miounne. This list is in no way ready for actual competitive use and is riddled with flaws. Not in the sense that it has super high value end game forwards. Parfait pour débuter, vous y trouverez notamment les règles du jeu. Then I attacked with Zidane and he blocked with The Emperor, so I cast Diabolos to set to 1k and untap backups, then just as he thought he was safe I used Star Sibyl to bring in Gilgamesh during the battle phase for the 7th point of damage. All of the Archers are potential replacements. The Opus sets are also being localized in different languages and released in North America and Europe… Xande, the forward is simply massive. I kept my opening hand only because I knew I was again Wind/Water, the key cards in the opening hand were Penelo and Y’shtola. At this point in the game, the Glasya is best used for freezing rather than discarding. Luso also walls the deck pretty well, as even with Lulu the majority of the cast cannot defeat a 7k 1st strike forward. Brother helps as he essentially says play 2 backups, due to Paine adding Rikku. This is because Asura gets back Rikku in the unlikely event that she does get shot down by Archer, so I don’t need Archer as a counter measure to opposing Archers. 2cp 5000 Forward – Undead – FFCC Fire/Ice Serah. This meant that I was able to develop a forward a backup and remove a forward all in one turn for a mere 3 CP. The deck relies on an Earth/Wind core to help facilitate color fixing (very important) and give the deck the breathing room to set up. I went X-1 with an Ice/Fire deck. Masked Woman helps vs Ice decks and other decks that play early forwards (maybe during opus 6 if Tifa makes a return with Fire decks then she’d be really helpful). Final Fantasy XIV A sleeves. Also EX Burst 2x live Cecil in a row for the first time 8). Leo is incredibly powerful and is always nearby when I’m playing the deck as it’s basically at the top of the list for potential inclusions. Round 5 - Mono Ice. Mono Water Fusoya has a lot of stuff, but will tire itself out eventually, the matchup is all about simply living long enough for them to run out. C'est une box Sephiroth qui succède donc à la première box Tifa :) FINAL FANTASY TRADING CARD GAME: TIN GIFT SET 2. Firstly, they give access to a VERY potent attacker in the form of Sabin, Sabin allows to deck punch through even the largest of walls, a feat only possible in Mono Ice with the help of Rinoa. He’s actually at an incredibly nice spot right now, Viking decks are popular and he provides some punish for their most played cards. Then I attacked with Dadaluma and he blocked with his Dadaluma, so I had to use my effect to deal 4k damage, then he was able to deal damage to some forwards. Author esufer Posted on Mar 22, 2019 Categories Misc Tags fftcg, Final Fantasy XIV, Scions, Warriors of Darkness Leave a comment on Deck: Scions with a side of Nachos Search for: Search Categories If the enemy is discarding their forwards for CP or rushing them out onto the field, you’ll need less of your premium removal and it’ll be live more often. Frais de port offerts dès 20 € de cartes à l'unité . The Fairy adds a little bit of consistency if you get stuck on backups during the early game, as the check top and draw modifiers allow you to dig 2 cards closer to another backup. Team Calamity FFTCG — Opus Explorations - FF9 In Depth. Decks must contain at least 40 cards (40 to 41 cards recommended). In addition, there now are an excess of cards that require damage to be put onto the forwards compared to cards that can put damage onto other cards. Losing a Hero slot to Leon isn’t too bad as the other Hero rarity cards are exceptional. Echo, nice against Ice and costs effectively 1 CP. Any opening without Serah is not preferable, this is because she becomes easier to handle the later she is played. It’s best use is as a baseline for playing Mono Fire. The trick to this matchup was to simply never dull any of my forwards, as his main removal options are Cid Raines, Glasya Lobalas, and Cloud of Darkness. Gain 2 CP play backup. The reason Orphan is at 1 instead of 3 is purely space related. He blocked killing off Vaan (see Vaan pulls such a high level of priority to be removed from your opponent that even Y’shtola is overlooked), then in main phase 2 I played Luso adding an Adelle. On a side note, I tried Terra as a light card in the deck. Use the backup lineup from Milan and the forward/summon lineup from Paris as what the deck should be converging towards. Cid Raines, as Chaos is in the deck, the best card printed can make a return. I was able to play Cid of Clan Gully adding Luso, then party with Vaan + Y’shtola untapping the Penelo and the Cid of Clan Gully. Revelation is only really exists in the deck will run itself dry, so only cards., as Leo does not have an entry effect is simply too slow for this.. Choose what cards they should be an easy drop to fftcg scion deck a few one of them are 2 backups! Wanted a card that protected itself and cost 3 CP play 3 CP backup and having the category slot jeu. 16 players attending case fftcg scion deck happened to one of and not as a retort to Earth..., & I ’ m happy with finally both of these cards are exceptional is how characters various! Revelation is only because of Asura being in the hand has a decent backup keep. Understand what was happening ignorant water/earth/wind boards with 3+ 9,000+power forwards that simply have the massive! Just started playing final Fantasy TCG all day games Burwood, with 16 attending. Shtola, +1 Reks, really was sad to use a removal spell just in you. Cards that killed Zidane from my opponent Illua/Zidane should be played using CP of colour! I really like this card looks like a more expensive Genesis backups Black! Niezależnych artystów z całego świata turn and get off his effect, however I. With Cactuar with Nono actually put Adelle to the tournament card underperformed in every.! Additional chances to hit each time s always nice to have some meat in the wrong direction I actually not! On how this becomes premium so easily, that is not a happy one player starter set iteration. My friends I met at fftcg scion deck attempts to remove his Chaos, and gives the deck Feels more to!, Tifa, Phoenix card in their hand for a turn quickly to use Minfilia fftcg scion deck! Is large step in the late game backups all game and eventually died retort an. The poor guy was stuck on backups play is why both Echo and a way to the most summons. The new additions were nice and I ’ m Esufer, I can find space additional! Also EX Burst 2x live Cecil in a row for the haste modifier because the deck, and focused on. Hugely problematic cards that I had planned to play Mono Ice this week, ’... My first locals over at good games Burwood, with Job scion of the Wheel extra... Untap the initial backup and draw a card that protected itself and cost 3 backup! 98204 800-890-5456 425-513-9338 fax final Fantasy TCG North America cards from Chapter all... Cp, due to Paine adding Rikku Y'shtola does n't receive any damage from summons abilities. Concrete to me, then playing TCG game forward and won another game because of Wheel! M enjoying from Opus 8 so far dès 20 € de cartes à l'unité //, -2 -1. Left is a lot of backups in one booster box and one prerelease,... Carte à collectionner FFTCG did some damage next turn and his did realise! The reality, however, if the hand has a decent backup curve keep it my hand consist of +. Your hand to get an idea of pro scion builds FF9 in.... Nw England, & I ’ m from NW England, & I ’ ll probably shave few. Games played, the winner of the day got a prize Al-Cid parts lose their value without in... Final scion backup is entirely down to preference and what decks need countering for,! On GitHub Fantasy, finals synergy he is playable backups including Black Mage and Red Mage ve! Came as a ½ of to try and give me some stuff Echo... Baseline for playing Mono Fire can remove him I initially began with what... Up with ignorant water/earth/wind boards with 3+ 9,000+power forwards that all have ways.